About Park Homes in Spain

Peter Smith operates Park Homes in Spain from his UK base in Cumbria. Before his involvement in the selling of leisure and residential homes in Spain, Peter enjoyed a successful 25-year career as a director of various tour operators specialising in camping, mobile homes and lodges. Peters long standing interest in wildlife and outdoor living (he is a member of the RSPB and wildlife trust) is reflected in his choice of park locations. The 3 wide ranging locations offered by Park Homes in Spain are: Besalu, San Jose Del Valle and Lake Banyoles are all within or adjacent to superb national parks yet are close to major airports and transport systems.

All the parks are open throughout the year and homes can be used at any time. Although some buyers are looking for year round living, Peter has noted a trend towards mature buyers looking to escape winter with the bonus of providing a holiday home for family and friends at other times. As a former tour operator, Peter also anticipates investment buyers looking to buy lodges in the site as it is fabulous all year appeal.

In Spain we have Jose who is one of Spain's leading dealers in new and second hand mobile homes and lodges. He is one of the owners of our new San Jose Del Valle Park and he has depots throughout Spain selling quality new and second hand mobile homes and lodges.