Buying Guide

Purchasing Process

When we are first approached the first subject most buyers wish to discuss is their choice of home. As important as the home may be the first priority should always be to select the location and park. There is no other solution other than to take an inspection trips.

Our Inspection Trips

Our inspection trips are normally organised on an individual basis. Above all they are relaxed and informal and under no circumstances will you feel any form of sales pressure whatsoever. We have several different options for our inspection trips.

Option 1. Independant Inspection Trip

This is available to the independent traveller who wishes to organise his own transport and accommodation, although we can offer accommodation on some parks at a modest cost (refundable if you eventually make a purchase). All you need to do is book an appointment and we will make sure we have a representative to meet and greet you and show you around. We make no charge for the visit.

Option 2. Semi Independant Trip

This option is available to those wishing to travel independently and require Park homes in Spain to organise their accommodation either in nearby hotels or on the park itself. This will suit those arriving by car independently or by public transport. We will collect you by car from your accommodation and introduce you to the park. The only charge we make is for the accommodation at cost price – again refundable on a purchase.

Selecting Your NEW Home

There are a wide range of Park homes, lodges and mobile homes on the market,all of various sizes and quality. Although we highlight the excellent range of homes by Willerby and Homeseeker there are many other manufactures who we will quote on request. You can choose between large twin unit Park homes and lodges which come in 2 separate halves (and are married on site) to single unit mobile homes and lodges. There are often several options available in each range including insulation and cladding (the exterior wall material). We will advise you on all these issues and in any case you can access the website of each company or send for their brochures. Some of the manufacturers including Willerby have show centres in the UK where certain models can be viewed. In any case the first priority is to select a park and plot – selecting the home will follow.

Resale Homes

With our unique ability to source high quality pre-owned homes, you could well save as much as £40,000 on similar new models. We only deal with modern homes – many are less than 5 years old and sourced in Spain. Many can barley be distinguished from new due to the gentle Spanish climate.

Choosing Your Park Home

Your park home cannot be built from bricks and mortar but that doesn't mean that you can't expect it to be a built to high standards. Get the basics right first. Does it have central heating and double-glazing and is it adequately insulated? Does it have a structural guarantee of at least 10 years?

Not all park homes are made the same, ask about the construction methods, materials used and insulation levels especially in the roof, walls and floor. Like any major purchase it always pays to choose a manufacturer who has a longstanding pedigree and a good reputation. Check if the manufacturer is a member of the National Park Homes Council – which will mean that it is approved and its products are independently verified and regularly inspected.

You need to decide the layout of your home in terms of how many bedrooms you want, whether you want en-suite facilities, how much lounge area you would like, what kind of kitchen you need and what appliances you require. There are other considerations such as how much natural light you would like which will influence the type and size of your windows – which in turn might help to determine the model of home that you choose.

Financing Your Home

If you already have the funding in place the buying process is very straight forward. Financing Park Homes, Lodges and Mobile Homes anywhere abroad is less straight forward. As the homes are located abroad and can be removed at any time they offer no security to any lender. Taking a traditional loan will require security and will almost certainly be prohibitively expensive. There are options available however, especially if you are a UK home owner and either own the property outright or have a high percentage of equity.

Option 1 Sell Your UK Home (Not Necessary!)

If you are buying your home in Spain to retire and think you need to sell your UK property we ask you to think again. We understand that many buyers have dreamt for years of retiring to the sun and a gentle pace of life. However, somewhere down the line your circumstance might change and you may need to return to the UK. It does happen from time to time and once you have sold up and moved abroad it is very difficult to get back especially without a home to return to.

We Suggest

Re mortgage your UK home – for example you can get a £50,000 interest only re-mortgage that will cost you well under £200 per month (subject to interest rate changes). You can then rent your property out. We recommend using a good estate agent specialising in managed letting. For example the national chain Northwood offer a platinum letting scheme where they guarantee to pay you regardless if the property is occupied or not – you get slightly less per month but they take the risk. They will also fully manage your property in your absence. If your still happy with your dream in the sun a few years down the line you can sell your UK property then – and it will probably be worth a lot more than now! The rental on your UK property will not only cover the cost of the extra mortgage but will probably contribute to your life in Spain. We can put you in touch with a specialist re-mortgage broker who understands our business. – please ask.

Option 2 Financing a Holiday Home

If you are purchasing your home as a holiday home the cheapest way by far to finance it is to re-mortgage your UK property providing you have enough equity in your home and can afford the extra payments.