Q. Should we be worried about the cost of living in Spain?

A. The pound has gained significant value in recent years against the euro, we are certain that you can live in Spain considerably cheaper than the UK. You have no council tax to pay (its included in your site fees), and heating costs are much lower due to climate. Public transport is much cheaper and basic foods such as fruit and vegetables and fish are good value especially if bought at local markets. If you enjoy a glass of wine or beer or have not yet succeeded in kicking the smoking habit you will save considerably. You will also find that you spend less in general as you will be enjoying the climate and outdoor lifestyle – and that comes free!! Many financial analysts predict the pound will stay strong against the euro in coming years – we hope so! In any case what price to you put on a lifestyle change!

Q. Is now a good time to buy a Park home or lodge in Spain?

A. That depends on your personal circumstances and your own desire to change your lifestyle. During difficult economic times both parks and operators are anxious to attract business and that often means attractive offers. For example our new San Jose park has some fantastic offers for early buyers. Deals include greatly reduced site entrance fees (which we include in our prices in most cases) and special offers on annual site fees. In any case the early buyers gets the first choice of best plots!

Q. What is included in the price of a home?

A. When you buy a sited Park Home, lodge or mobile home from Park Homes in Spain you can be sure that all major costs are included. The price will include transport of your home from origin to your chosen park. We will install your home on the plot and connect all water, sewage and electricity. A comprehensive list of all the home facilities such as furnishing, white goods etc. will be drawn and agreed before purchase. We will also be happy to help you with extra requirements such as decking, awnings. Sat TV etc.

Q. How long can I keep my home on the park?

A. Providing you keep your home and plot in good conditionand pay your annual site fee you can keep your home on the park indefinitely.

Q. What are the running costs?

A. Once you have purchased your home and had it installed on the plot your contract is then with the park owners. You pay an annual site fee which varies from park to park and you must agree to abide by the park rules and regulations which are for the good of all home owners. Your rental agreement is renewable for as long as you wish to remain on site.

Q. What other running costs have I got?

A. Other than your annual park fee you will also pay for water and electricity which is normally metered. Gas is purchased by the bottle.

Q. Will my home hold its value?

A. In general buyers of Park Homes, Lodges and Mobile Homes do not buy such homes to make capital gains. However, if you buy a quality home on a good plot at a desirable park you can reasonably expect your home to hold its value. The key is to make the plot attractive-decking garden etc etc. Lots of loving care with patios, decking, planting etc etc. will not only give you years of pleasure but will certainly attract buyers should you need to sell in the future.

Q. Can I re-sell my home?

A. On all the parks we work with you are free to sell your home privately providing the site owners is happy with the new buyers and that you have found the new buyer entirly on your own. You could choose to sell through Park Homes in Spain or the park itself as an alternative on a commission basis. However the park may have a restriction on outside agencies. If you wish to re-locate your home to another park you can do so without penalty providing you are up to date with your park fees.

Q. What are the legal issues in buying a Park home, lodge or mobile home?

A. Buying either a re-sale or new home is relatively simple and in many ways it is easier than buying a car or caravan. A simple sales agreement or invoice is drawn up without complicated and expensive legal formalities.